Jobs you probably wouldn’t want to do… but someone has to!

From gross animals to acquired tastes

PUBLISHED: 17:10, 27 Nov 2014 | 
UPDATED: 15:56, 27 Nov 2014 | 

We’re all guilty of moaning about aspects of our jobs from time to time or full out claiming that we ‘hate’ our jobs. But compared to these, how bad is it really?

Watching paint dry

Watching paint dry is commonly thought of as one of the most boring activities someone could do. But what if it was your job? This is the reality for Dr Thomas Curwen who works for Dulux and watches paint dry both on walls and through a microscope. He says that under a microscope ‘it brings everything to life’.


Bloodworm digger

There is a demand for blood worms as they are the preferred choice of food for many types of fish and fisherman also often use these worms for bait when fishing. Because of this, there is people whose job it is to actually go out and collect bloodworm to then sell on! There is a large risk of being bitten and bites are pretty painful.

Marmite taster

A guy called St John Skelton’s job is to test every batch of Marmite before it gets distributed. Of course, this may be a dream job to some people but on the other hand for some it would be an absolute nightmare.

Portable Toilet Cleaner

National Memorial Arboretum – portable toilet – Loo’s Direct Ltd

Some people can barely stand to stay in a portable toilet for the entirety of a wee. Well, imagine having to clean it because…you know, portable loos are not connected to a sewer system.

Odour tester

null These are needed by companies developing new deodorants, mouthwash etc to ensure that they actually cover up bad smells. So basically these peoples jobs is to smell armpits all day.

Road kill cleaner

Road Kill No one likes to really look at an animal killed on the road when they drive past it, do they? But there is some people whose actual job it is to pick up and discard of these animals. Apparently, some road kill cleaners even take home the animals and have them for dinner!


Liverpool Lime Street Station – Virgin Trains Pendolino 390 117 – Fly Virgin Trains In Japan, they actually hire people to, at peak times, push as many people as possible onto one train at a time!

Golf ball diver

paul and meg found a golf ball
If you’ve ever played golf, you will that you usually end up losing about half the golf balls you brought with you to one of the many ponds or areas of forest on a golf course. But surely they can’t just all disappear forever? They don’t- there is actually divers who are HIRED to dive into the ponds and lakes at gold courses and fish out all those balls- sometimes collecting up to 2,000 a day apparently!

Next time we will look at some of the worlds coolest/envious jobs!